Payroll and Benefits

Pacific West Payroll and Kendall Financial Services work together to serve your professional practice, working directly with your office manager and you.  This page describes the Payroll and Employee Benefits offered by Pacific West Payroll. 


We offer a well-designed payroll system to manage your payroll department. Remove the burden of dealing with complicated payroll issues and compliance. We work directly with your Office Manager and help to oversee employee compliance. Confidential, super-efficient, payroll management and services include direct deposit and individual employee support. We use a professional version of ADP software, managing all aspects of the ADP program and your payroll needs.


Employee Benefits 

Employee Benefits are a highly efficient way to attract and retain good employees. Offering benefits such as retirement plans, group medical, dental, life insurance, vision, etc., is more accessible to us. We can work directly with your Office Manager or employees to answer all of their questions and ensure proper compliance with the benefits offered. We can provide your practice with a benefits package that fits your budget and makes your practice a very attractive place to work.