Physician-Practice Services

Kendall Financial Services & Pacific West Payroll are related companies offering a platform of financial services that provides a complete picture of a physician’s cost structure, leading to financial planning, reducing costs, and managing employee benefits.

Situation/Problem: CPA NOT RESPONSIVE

Dr. H is a successful specialist surgeon who produces high cash flow and income. He also directs a more sophisticated investment portfolio. His office assistant does all the day-to-day accounting of writing checks and making bank deposits. With a large cash flow to oversee, a high-demand schedule, and very limited time, Dr. H needs a reliable, responsive accounting resource to delegate the review of cash flow and confirm correct processing, so he doesn’t have to be concerned with it. He needs results quickly because he doesn’t have time for these routine but necessary tasks. He mainly needed quick, regular calls to his CPA to receive updates, to confirm proper processing, and to look out for his best interests. He was greatly irritated because his single-person CPA office was often not available when he tried to reach her. Sometimes her outgoing message to clients explained that she was on vacation and wouldn’t be returning for a month! When his CPA wasn’t readily available to him, it made him feel at risk.

KFS Solution:

Dr. H decided to work with KFS. He liked our full staff available during regular business hours, our technology systems that provide easy, real-time confirmations, and our successful 20-year track record. Now, every time he calls KFS, he gets a live person on the phone that can help him. If one KSF person isn’t available, another KFS crossed-trained team member can handle most of his needs immediately. Because his available time is so limited, we also gave Dr. H a special KFS “hotline” number so he can reach someone if needed.

Dr. H’s Results:

Dr. H has greatly reduced his worry and the time required to confirm and verify the cash flow in his business. He can now be more focused on his other work or maybe even get more time for some R&R!

Services Offered 


    • Monthly Financial Statements
    • Bill Payment Processing
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Work with your staff – Monitoring Financial Policies

Income Tax Preparation

    • Mid Year Tax Planning
    • Local Tax requirements such as City of San Francisco, State Board
    • Preparation of business and individual income tax returns


    • Full service payroll processing and management
    • Time and Attendance
    • Work with your staff – Monitoring Payroll Policies
    • Handle payroll tax deposits and tax returns

Employee Benefits

    • Manage Group Plans for Medical/Vision/Dental/Life Insurance
    • Manage Compliance for your group plans with government agencies
    • Administration of 401k employee procedures